@MegaphonicUK ft. Devaune – #Netflix & Chill @devauneonline

https://www.instagram.com/p/BiB9QJLgj2K Netflix & Chill @ Spotify Megaphonic | facebook | twitter | spotify Megaphonic is the brainchild of producer, Paul Lennox. Having grown up in Bermuda, he mixes influences of RnB/Reggae/Dancehall on a foundation of electro pop Article: Hitting high … Continue reading @MegaphonicUK ft. Devaune – #Netflix & Chill @devauneonline

@DevauneRatteray – Lay It Out On the Line ‚ėÖInTheMaking

Get To Know “Devaune Ratteray” Better!¬† In this up close and personal video clip¬†Bermudian singer/songwriter Devaune Rattery¬†takes us behind the scenes into his world of¬†studio music production. Devaune is currently working on the release of his debut EP with Downtown … Continue reading @DevauneRatteray – Lay It Out On the Line ‚ėÖInTheMaking

@DevauneRatteray – Get To Know You Better

¬†Devaune Ratteray¬†is a Bermudian born Singer, Songwriter, Actor & Dancer … in no particular order. ‚ėÖInTheMaking!! *Get To Know You Better* is produced by Cornel Sorian &¬†written by Devaune Ratteray.¬†courtesy of Downtown Artists. Devaune Ratteray¬† devauneonline.com facebook.com/DevauneRatteray twitter.com/DevauneRatteray ¬† Continue reading @DevauneRatteray – Get To Know You Better