Fabiana Marcondes @Chewsticks #GriotSession 2011

As we continue to expand this series to celebrate and support the endeavors of talented artists, our most prolific Brazilian singer/songwriter and volunteer, Fabiana Marcondes, will be featured at our next Griot Session. Fabiana, affectionately called Fabi, whom many Chewstick … Continue reading Fabiana Marcondes @Chewsticks #GriotSession 2011

Heather Nova & Jonas David @TVNoir #Acoustic Concert #YTplaylist 2011 @Nova_Says

TV Noir is a blend of live music, talk, play and interaction with the audience, which is held once per month in home port of Neukölln in Berlin … read more HeatherNova.com | JonasDavid.de | TVNoir.de Bermudians.com/heathernova Tweets by nova_says Jonas David  Continue reading Heather Nova & Jonas David @TVNoir #Acoustic Concert #YTplaylist 2011 @Nova_Says

Chris West & Deni Hlavinka – Poison & Wine #Cover @chriswest4 @thecivilwars

Performed by: Deni Hlavinka (voice and piano) Chris West (voice and guitar) Joe Barnard (drums) – produced by Joe Barnard Poison & Wine  You only know what I want you to I know everything you don’t want me to Your mouth is poison, your mouth … Continue reading Chris West & Deni Hlavinka – Poison & Wine #Cover @chriswest4 @thecivilwars

@LykkeLi – Little Bit – #Bermuda #Acoustic + YT #SoundCloud +playlist

Lykke Li – “Little Bit” Acoustic Version @ Grape Bay, Bermuda + original, remixes & lyric video Li Lykke Timotej Svensson Zachrisson (born 18 March 1986), better known by her stage name Lykke Li (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈlʏˌkɛ ˈliː]), is a Swedish singer-songwriter. The stage name is pronounced like the scandinavian … Continue reading @LykkeLi – Little Bit – #Bermuda #Acoustic + YT #SoundCloud +playlist