@MalachiSimmons Choreography – Love Hates Me @Chrisjamesra @kingpush @GravitiiFilms @DirectorBrazil #chrisjamesdancecontest

No concept. Just choreography 🙂     Chris James Ft Pusha T.  performing “Love Hates Me”  Directed By @GravitiiFilms Produced by @DirectorBrazil Buy the single on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lov… Continue reading @MalachiSimmons Choreography – Love Hates Me @Chrisjamesra @kingpush @GravitiiFilms @DirectorBrazil #chrisjamesdancecontest

FYE Dancehall: Soca Vs Reggae @TROIKABDA @neeksmoney

Choreographer: Neeks Money – troikabda.com/groove/neeks_money     TROIKA Bermuda troikabda.com facebook.com/troika.bda twitter.com/TROIKABDA TROIKA Bermuda is a registered charity whose mission is to educate, enlighten and entertain by producing theatre experiences, as they believe that art, fun and education work in tandem … Continue reading FYE Dancehall: Soca Vs Reggae @TROIKABDA @neeksmoney

BERMEMES: Harlem Shake Meme (De Bermy Edition) #BermyShake

facebook.com/BERMEMES | @Bermemes  Video production: exist270.com | facebook.com/EXIST270 | @exist270   The Harlem Shake is an Internet meme in the form of a video of people performing a skit to the song Harlem Shake. Being a meme, the video was replicated using the same concept by many people, which eventually led to it becoming … Continue reading BERMEMES: Harlem Shake Meme (De Bermy Edition) #BermyShake