@JoyTBarnum – Island Home #Bermuda (Produced by @AliaHamza) @Bermuda

Produced by Alia Hamza. ‘Island Home’ was the winner of the 2nd Bermuda Department of Tourism Video Competition, December 2012. Joy is a popular Bermuda musician. Her culturally diverse background is reflected in the range of her musical tastes – from rock to … Continue reading @JoyTBarnum – Island Home #Bermuda (Produced by @AliaHamza) @Bermuda

@AliceStuart – Folk & Blues Legend #Bermuda w/ Neil Burnie @Chewsticks

American blues legend Alice Stuart performs for the second year consecutively at the Bermuda Folk Club in front of one the largest crowds in Folk Club history, May 12, 2012. She is seen here (video clip #1) performing the classic ‘Hard Time Killing … Continue reading @AliceStuart – Folk & Blues Legend #Bermuda w/ Neil Burnie @Chewsticks