Guts and vision?

Bermuda Blue

Do you remember all those years ago, when the Pew Institute brought us the idea of the Bermuda Blue Halo?


What was it? It was basically a giant marine reserve reaching out to the limit of the Island’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

It was greeted by huge waves of skepticism and not a little anger. “Who are these people trying to tell us what to do?” seemed to be a constant refrain.

There were fears it would stop fishing, yet most of the fishing occurs within a 50 mile radius of the Island and the Halo would not have taken effect until after that 50 mile mark.

There were also vastly exaggerated claims over sea bed mining and its importance …. mmm yes, we are reaping the rewards of that, aren’t we?

I for one, was of the opinion that the pursuit of the Blue Halo concept was a no-brainer.


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