#Flight441 – #Bermuda Music Radio Show #Liverpool UK @KCCLive @JdotBlakke


Flight 441 Debut show @ kcclive.com w/ hosts J.Blakke, Carla Saunders ZuillSiid James.

A platform for Bermudian Artists to exhibit their tunes in England !

Featuring the music of …..

Download debut show here:  yousendit.com/download/dD…

Flight 441 – About the Show

Bermuda’s own Jay BladesCarla Saunders Zuill and Siid James host an hour long, monthly radio show based in Liverpool, UK. 

The show features Bermudian music and musicians, with news, gossip and other Bermuda curiosities in the midst!

Jay Blades | facebook | twitter |  bermudians.com/jay

Carla Saunders Zuill – Editor at TodayinBermuda.com | Facebook | Twitter |  Instagram


Email: jeremy.f.blades@gmail.com

Subject: “Flight 441” + Your/Your Band’s Name

Message content: Your/Your band’s bio  + Your social/music links

Attached: Music file


1. Quality – minimum mp3 resolution 256kb/s. WAV files and all Mac formats . NO WMV.

2. Track MUST be Radio Friendly & appropriate for public airwaves.

3. Details & Bios N.b The shows are recorded & reproduced online with links to where people can hear more of you or where to buy your track … 


99.8FM KCC LIVE – The Station With Attitude.

kcclive.com  | facebook |  twitter 

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