5 Things That Are Different In #Bermuda @meganschmit @TheOdyssey


Most of us envision the islander life as full of fruity drinks, tan lines, and the luxurious amenities of a resort. It’s hard to imagine growing up in the place people vacation, and we may assume an island like Bermuda has one culture and one culture only: tourism.

But under the layers of travel brochures and souvenir shops, I discovered just how singular Bermudian culture is—and it’s even more vibrant and diverse than we can gather from just staying at a beach club.

Here are five things that I learned about Bermuda:

1. Beer pong isn’t just a frat party pastime—it’s a sport.

Yes, you read that right. Take a peek into Docksider, a local bar, on Tuesday nights and you’ll see a tournament of competitive beer pong taking place. Side note: My friend and I made it to the third round!

2. Don’t ever call a moped, a moped.

Or a scooter. It’s a bike or a blade. I made the mistake and …

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