Jimmy & Mishka Hangin’ @mishkamusic @jimmybuffett

A treat for Parrotheads and reggae fans alike, Jimmy Buffett & Mailboat Records artist Mishka meet up in Hawaii where they announce Mishka as having the #1 reggae album on the charts and on iTunes, beating out Bob Marley – something Buffett jokes he could never do. During the session they share stories about how they first met, how Mishka and his sisters and friends inspired the Buffett hit “Chanson pour les petits enfants.”

Buffett and Mishka also pair up to sing part of Mishka’s new hit and EP Title “Ocean is My Potion.” Buffett performs the song on the album with Mishka. The EP is available on iTunes at http://bit.ly/WeXqYi and on Mailboat Records at http://bit.ly/YIZvYD

Buffett and Mishka also talk about the upcoming tour season and what to watch for in this nearly 12 minute session.

Mishka | mishka.com | facebook | twitter | iTunes

Jimmy Buffett | margaritaville.com | facebook | twitter

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