#Bermuda #N1 @cntraveler – Top 10 #Caribbean Islands



For a “fun blend of British, American, and Caribbean Culture,” Bermuda is the place to be. It offers “endless activities: historical sites, golf, scooters, superb shopping and dining, museums, gardens, perfumeries and aquariums, too!” Go for a snorkel or explore the many private coves to truly experience the island’s “lovely scenery,” which is highlighted by the “pink sand beaches and turquoise blue waters.”

Readers’ Choice Rating: 87.1 | Scenery: 93.1 | Friendliness: 89.4 | Atmosphere: 90.4 | Restaurants: 77.5  | Lodging: 84.1 | Activities: 81.0  | Beaches: 89.5

Getty / Mark Lewis

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