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Four people paddleboard around Bermuda for ten days. Their plan? Expose the rampant plastic pollution that threatens Bermuda and the unique and fragile ecosystem of the Sargasso Sea.

Episode 2 – The gang take their first water sample, talk about plastic trash they found on the beach, and find themselves in a gnarly situation out on the water.

Episode 3 – A reef catches Gordon off guard and a camera is lost to Davy Jones’ Locker, but thanks to some quick thinking and ingenuity, the team is able to fix the the board and move on with the expedition. The next day, they take their first trawl sample, using the first-of-its-kind manta trawl designed by the wonderful scientists at the Plastic Ocean Project based out of Wilmington. Dr. Robbie Smith weighs in on plastic pollution and its effects on the delicate ecosystem in the Sargassum Sea.

Episode 4 -The final installation of the Bermuda four-part series. The Plastic Tides gang continue there journey around the island paradise. They collect samples, encounter a brutal headwind that forces them to go through St. George’s, speak with the kids that will change the future, are followed by fierce-some sharks, and push through a final headwind for the last 3 miles of the journey.

The Plastic Tides Team is composed of four young adventure conservationists aiming to raise awareness of plastic pollution. The standup paddleboards serve as a home and as a vehicle for scientific data collection – a novel approach to this pervasive problem.

The Team: Gordon Middleton, Christian Shaw, Celine Jennison, Julian Rodriguez

Plastictides.org | Facebook | Twitter Instagram Become an ocean advocate!

Plastic Tides #YTPlaylist

100 Steps to a Plastic-Free Life – Do you think it’s possible to live life without plastic? Or to at least live with less of it?  Check out this list of plastic-free and less plastic alternatives and see for yourself!


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