#Bermuda #1968 #Bermuda1968

Several shots from inside a VC 10 aeroplane; the pilots in the cockpit; a woman leans back in her seat as she and her man friend are served cocktails by a steward. Aerial shots of Bermuda – sandy beaches, turquoise sea! At a Bermuda hotel we see a young couple eating breakfast on their balcony; below them a man dives into a swimming pool, people sunbathe and play quoits.
Various shots of a glorious sandy beach; people sunbathe (women in colourful swimsuits and bikinis), frolic in the surf, play with a ball and water-ski. In the capital city of Hamilton we see several shots of the New England-style architecture; a very English-looking couple (she in headscarf, he in cravat) look at the sights from an open-top taxi with a striped awning. Other tourists drive along coastal roads on scooters or mopeds; a couple drive past Gibbs Hill lighthouse; inside we see a man polishing the reflectors.
Aerial view of the lighthouse and then golf courses; various shots (on ground level) of a couple playing golf; he laughs when she misses a putting shot. Panning shot over a harbour; several shots of two men deep sea fishing on a boat; one gets a pull on his line and starts reeling in a huge fish (a Marlin?). The fish is heaved aboard with a spear. At the aquarium / natural sea-made grotto of Devil’s Hole we see people feeding turtles with fish on bits of string dangled over a bridge and into the water.
L/Ss of the Longtail birds, the national seabird, flying over the sea. More beautiful scenic shots of the ‘just-pink’ sandy beaches. Several shots of people in sailing on the sea in yachts. More shots inside and outside of a VC 10 aircraft landing; an air traffic ground crew man waves the BOAC plane into position; nice M/S of people coming down the steps from the plane. In a club holidaymakers sit sipping drinks while a band plays; a man with a drum is seen limbo-dancing under a pole; the tourists applaud. Lovely sunsets seen through the palm trees and showing the sun reflected on the sea. 

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