The Raynors – We’ve Only Just Begun | #Carpenters Cover @Eldonwjr

The Raynors launch their 1st album “The Raynors Sing the Music of The Carpenters.” 

Brother and Sister, Wanda Ray Willis and Eldon Raynor Jr, Sing the Carpenters Music on New Album with Legendary Producer, HB Barnum of “Shoestring Productions.”

The Raynors are a soulful duo forming harmonies reminiscent of The Carpenters. Siblings, Wanda Ray Willis and Eldon Raynor Jr are both accomplished singers in their own right. Wanda Ray Willis is also a successful songwriter, actress and scriptwriter. She describes the project.

From the moment we started the album with HB Barnum’s lead, it felt like something magical was about to happen. The atmosphere was effervescent!

The Raynors album was recorded and completed in Los Angeles California in April 2014. It features HB Barnum’s music, orchestral, lead and background vocal arrangements and a solid rhythm track of musicians who take you on an easy listening, pop yet soulful journey featuring the music of the Carpenters.The Raynors are the first siblings to release a full album of The Carpenters songs. 

The Raynors:

The Raynors CD @ CDBaby


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