600ft Rope Swing Bungee Jump #MagwaFalls #SouthAfrica @BurntHouseprod @2feelalive @WatchEpicTV

Mike Wilson and Bermudian Andrew Kirkpatrick have traveled to South Africa to build the most insane rope swing bungee jump. Ever. What’s a rope swing bungee jump, you ask? Well, exactly what it sounds like, only bigger.  This one (the biggest ever? The first ever?) plunges 600ft straight down into the Magwa Falls gorge and and features four seconds of pure, hair-raising free fall. Sure, it’s safe, but that doesn’t mean it’s not scary as hell. Would you take the plunge?

Director & Producer: Andrew Kirkpatrick
Burnt House Productions – bhp.bm
Stunt Coordinator / Rigging: Mike Wilson
magwa falls
magwa falls7
magwa falls 1
magwa falls 4
magwa falls 5
magwa falls 6
magwa falls 8
magwa falls 9
magwa falls ACE GIRL

Photos copyright burnthouseprod

Behind The Scenes

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