Cami Cam – Can U Rip It 2 Performance (LIVE) @TheRealCamiCam

Cami Cam Rippin’ It @ The Berkley Institute Bermuda

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The Can U Rip it 2 Series – Saturday, December 1, 2012

5 contestants took the stage on Saturday, December 1st at the Berkeley Institute Cafetorium.

The FAB 5:

  • Eminence (Paul DeShield) 17 yrs. of Bermuda Institute
  • Lil Quan (Jeramiah Steede) 16yrs. of Cedarbridge Academy
  • Cami Cam (Cami Bean-Caines 20yrs
  • Da Kid Classic (Jahroy Richards) 16yrs Home School
  • CIRE (Crie Bean) 14yrs of Berkeley Institute

Special overseas Guest: Atlanta base recording artists TK n’ CASH – TK n CASH @ ‘Can U rip it 2′ Bermuda

Local DJ’s: DJ ALl Star | DJ Prince | Kid Fresh Bermuda DANCE CREW : “SERVE IT UP DANCE OFF”

Can U Rip It Series 

The ‘Can U Rip It’ Series Set was created as a vehicle to introduce and impart Bermuda’s young people the fundamental skills necessary to become successful business professionals within the music/entertainment industry.

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