#Bermuda Vacation 1959 – Prince Philip Visit & Queen of Bermuda, Britannia & Ocean Monarch

Transferred from 16mm – wonderful colour!
Leaving Furness Traces NYC pier, Loads of folks looking at the Queen of Bermuda off. West side of Manhattan, Cunard Line pier, United States Traces pier – cruise down the Hudson, Statue of Liberty and off to Bermuda.
Existence on deck….
Arrival at Bermuda – North Shore to Hamilton Harbor. Docking on Entrance Street, Goslings Brothers porch becoming changed – no birdcage – Wadsons, The Smoke Store Ltd & Pearman Watlington from the ship.
Great Audio and Islands from lighthouse Hill.
Queen of Bermuda at dock, reduce Hamilton Harbor from the water. Aged Bank of Bermuda, Alboys Issue. Entrance Street, Law enforcement directing site visitors less than an umbrella. Rosedon Guest Dwelling and the entrance of the Hamilton Princess Resort. Resort Gardens, tennis courts and Pitts Bay Highway. Harbor from the Hamilton Princess pool. The Cottages (wherever the Bay and Poinciana wings are now).
Cruise to St. Georges – From water, Princess Resort, Inverurie Resort, Belmont Resort, Denslows Island, Government Dwelling, a Kitson Cruise boat, The Royal Yacht Britannia (was on Island as escort for a 2 working day check out by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, by himself, for a 2-working day check out for the 350th anniversary of the founding of Bermuda by Admiral Sir George Somers in 1609). Fort St. Catherine, St. Georges Harbor, The St. George Resort, Canadian ship a hundred and eighty, United kingdom Frigate HMS St. Albans F83.

St. Georges City Sq., Prince Phillip and Governor Woodall? Get there on the cruise boat “Duchess” to examine the troops of The Bermuda Regiment & Peppercorn Ceremony? with Lt Colonel Brownlow Tucker keeping the sword.They depart in the limo and the Bermuda Regiment marching band stop the ceremony.
Prince Phillip & Governor Woodall? Leaving the Dwelling of Assembly in the Metropolis of Hamilton.
Again on Hamilton Harbor, long cruise together Paget, Warwick shoreline to Somerset drawbridge. Luders 16? sailboat race in the Great Audio, as a result of Watford Bridge. Somerset Village, Mangrove Bay. Again to Hamilton, Spanish Tallship “the Juan Sebastian De Elcano” at anchor.
The boat at twenty:38 has been identified as “fifty six ft Elco, USAF Q-24, afterwards offered to Herbie Beirman and re-named Suzie-Q. Past named Social gathering boat, before dying on the tough at Mills Creek”.
A wander in the gardens of Palm Grove, South Shore. Loads of flowers, Moongate wander & Wishing Well.
“Fishing” in Devils Gap, Natural Arches, South Shore Tuckers City (wrecked–by Hurricane Fabian in September, 2003), the Mid Ocean Club.
Again in St. Georges, St. Peter’s Church (Sunday, Might third) & streets around city. The shares & cenotaph. Fort St. Catherine and the necessary cease at the aquarium.
Again on Hamilton Harbor, tall ship now at dock and a check out on the ship.
Ocean Monarch docked in St. Georges, the Resort St. George and the city from deck as it departs.


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