United Bermuda Party. Post Election: Analysis & Comments [Oct 22, 2007]

ZBM: UBP Secret Plan is Real & Offensive

Published  on Dec 5, 2012 by progressivelabour

The UBP secret plan calls for the use of “black surrogates” and blames their loss on “downscale” and “less educated” Bermudians.


Kim Swan confirms ZBM report on secret UBP Document

Published on  Nov 29, 2012 by botcitizen

(29/11/12) THE OPPOSITION One Bermuda Alliance has called an internal UBP 2007 doccument a “fabrication” and has threatened broadcaster ZBM with legal action for airing its contents, which included a reccomendation that “black surrogates” be place in the forefront in favor of white candidates.
However, ZBM chief reporter Gary Moreno spoke with former UBP leader Kim Swan at the top of tonight’s television newscast, who confirmed the doccument to be true and accurate. Here is how that unfolded.


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