@JoyTBarnum – Island Home #Bermuda (Produced by @AliaHamza) @Bermuda

Produced by Alia Hamza. ‘Island Home’ was the winner of the 2nd Bermuda Department of Tourism Video Competition, December 2012.

Joy is a popular Bermuda musician. Her culturally diverse background is reflected in the range of her musical tastes – from rock to country, gospel, jazz and opera. Bermuda is a constant source for Joy. Spittal Pond Nature Reserve offers tranquility and natural beauty, giving Joy a chance to work on her songwriting. Rock Island Coffee is one of her favorite places to go because “all walks of life come here.” The walls of the coffee shop are filled with colourful Bermudian art, sparking the imaginations of all who visit. Rock Island roasts its own coffee, too. “If you’re into coffee, this is the place,” Joy says. “In the wintertime, you can get an eggnog latte.” She recommends you check out the bulleting board here to see what events are happening on the island. Joy loves wandering amidst the seaside caves at Admiralty House. “There’s so much more than just the beach,” she says. For lunch, she recommends the island favorite, Art Mel’s, where you can dig into a giant fish sandwich.


Joy T.Barnum joytbarnum.com | facebook | twitter


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