PLP Political Broadcasts 2012

  • Who Will Decide Your Future? The OBA call for an unelected Cuts and Pain Commission to decide what government services will be cut. Why won’t the OBA tell voters exactly what they will cut?

  • We Are Not Daft. On December 17th, send them a message. Tell them that we are not daft and we will not be tricked.

  • OBA: Stuck in Reverse. The OBA car is stuck in reverse because it is full of old UBP parts.
  • Both Ways OBA! The OBA wants to be all things to all people – because they’ll do anything to gain power. Ask yourself, what is the OBA really all about?
  • The OBA’s Fairy Tale. The One Bermuda Alliance is trying to trick you into believing that they can increase spending and cut taxes to the tune of $500 million and magically balance the budget. But, they won’t tell us what they’re going to cut! They’re not being honest with you.
  • So Much Things to Say. OBA TV advert shows businesses that are open as empty buildings.
  • Standing Strong for Bermudians. The PLP is Standing Strong for Bermudians in these tough economic times. Our investments in infrastructure are saving jobs. FutureCare is helping our seniors afford doctor’s visits and prescription drugs. The EEZ is helping small businesses get off the ground and create jobs. And, DayCare is providing quality childcare and opportunities for parents to pursue their dreams.
  • Premier Paula Cox: We Choose Investment. There are two approaches to dealing with debt: one is austerity, the other is investment. We choose to stand strong for Bermudians during these difficult times for the global economy.
  • The Choice. In the next general election, we have a choice between a PLP that stands strong for Bermudians during tough times and an OBA that offers no ideas and no solutions.
  • Are You Feelin’ It? Who is Craig Cannonier hanging out with?

Bermuda Progressive Labour Party

This video playlist of official Bermuda Progressive Labour Party political broadcasts is ordered by the most popular except for the latest broadcast. N.b The written list is in cronological order.


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