Double Fantasy Sculpture Unveiling @ The Bermuda Botanical Gardens. June 21st, 2012.

Double Fantasy is a sculpture that symbolizes John Lennon’s Bermuda experience. It is located in The Bermuda Botanical Gardens outside the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art and is FREE to view 7 days a week.

John Lennon sailed into Bermuda in June of 1980. What happened in the 7 weeks on the tropical island paradise was amazing! Lennon wrote or completed over 20 songs. 
Some of these songs, together with a collection of songs from the SOLO YEARS with a few from his BEATLE days are part of a CD by Bermudian and International Artists celebrating John Lennon’s music.The songs Lennon wrote in Bermuda were released on an album DOUBLE FANTASY, named after a freesia flower Lennon saw in the gardens.


Bermuda John Lennon Double Fantasy Tribute CD (promo clips)



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