@Chewsticks #Bermuda Music Videos

Music Videos used to be the stuff of legend; a privilege reserved purely for top shelf artists that are generating so much revenue from their record sales that they can splurge on a video of their music, not only for the promotional purposes that videos provide but also for the opportunity to visually depict the music they are creating. I remember like it was yesterday when everyone held their breath around the world for the unveiling of “BAD” by Michael Jackson on network TV. It seemed like everyone was watching this rapidly expanding, opulent medium. Music videos were excess and exclusively for the best of the best, who routinely built up the prestige around the genre by increasingly getting more technical, Hollywood directors, huge budgets, elite models, actors etc. making it nigh impossible for normal folk and artists to ever entertain making a music video for real. Until now .. Gavin Djata Smith 

Chewstick chewstick.org



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