Devaune Ratteray – Lay It Out On The Line [Lyric Video]

After allowing us a “fly on the wall” perspective in the behind the scenes video “Get To Know  Devaune Ratteray Better”, “Lay It Out On The Line” Becomes Devaune’s second single released off of his EP entitled R.E.D.  The title has no significance to the color red but the letters are Devaune’s initials backwards. Devaune also ensures, If you enjoyed the behind the scenes look of his journey, there are more to come.

London based Bermudian performer / artist Devaune Ratteray is adding another dimension to his roster as an entertainer by entering the music industry. 

“The stage is where I feel at home. I know that sounds cheesy but its the truth. The prospect of sharing my music will never cease to excite me.”

Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Dancer, in no particular order. ★InTheMaking!!


Produced by: Cornel Sorian
Written by: Devaune Ratteray
Courtesy of Downtown Artists


Devaune Ratteray Connections

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