Twanée – Lesson Learned @MissTwanee

Bermuda’s singer/songwriter Twanée recently released “Lessons Learned” as an mp3 and already the piece has been viewed more than 10,000 times.

Twanée is now on her rise to success in the US, as seen with her recent “50 Cent” collaboration on his album “Shooting Guns” and with this superb video debut of “Lesson Learned” ; the first release of her debut EP , currently in the download @


@MissTwanee wants to hear about all of your lessons learned!! Write to her about YOUR personal experience of a “Lesson Learned” on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube with the hashtag #LessonLearned to share.

Twanée interview @PNCRadio “The Chop Shop Show”

“Lesson Learned” Video Director: Shannon Muir @ShannonMuirHD

Actors: Mitch Lowe (@Papi_ChuLOWE) and China (@AChinaWhite)
Stylist: Khaliah Clark (@kc_ynvs)
Make-up: Ken Porcelain (@LaeminkFarentin)
Hair: Sparkles (@sparkjoy623)
Photographer: Slim (@MuddMonkey72)

Produced by: Buda and Grandz (@BudaDaFuture and @GrandzMuzik)
Written by: Twanée (@MissTwanee) and Talon Haynes (@TalonHaynes)



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