Bermuda Cliff Jumping – Higg, Paul & Riz

Fun video clip, shot down in Jobson’s Cove (Horseshoe Bay), of a few guys flipping off the rocks, to a melodic remix of the Bermuda Spring Break Theme Song – Levels by Avicii

Perhaps new recruits for a Burnt House Hill Productions Summer of 2012 Cliff Diving shoot? 🙂 

After the dives, shooting and a slight drizzle the boys headed West along South Shore on their mopeds with the camera still rolling. At the bottom of Barnes corner, slippery roads (and a possible oil patch?) caused a minor wipe out for Riz and consequentially Higgs bringing up the rear! Was the “deck” staged?

Who knows!? But on the bright side; looks like Riz didn’t catch a dose of “Bermuda Road Rash” and the “Don’t worry. Be happy” vid is able to finish on the light note that it started. 🙂


Jobson Cove Beach Bermuda




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