Fetish Art Show – B.ermudian A.rtists R.ise U.p

Friday, November 18, 2011. 6-8pm @ Walker Arcade, Hamilton, Bermuda.

B.A.R.U (Bermudian Artists Rise Up) explore  the provocative and little known world of  Fetishes through the art exhibition “FETISH.”

Calix Smith and Ami Zanders talk about the FETISH Show (one of their many 2011 exhibits), B.A.R.U and their aims to keep local Bermudian artists in that zone of creation; keep them motivated; keep them questioning and keep them pushing the boundries of Bermuda Art and what it stands for.

“FETISH” Art Show, Bermuda – Luning & Balloon Fetishes, LA Prostitution Card Collage, “Fetish” under your feet, Octopus Bestiality, Feathers & Viagra, Birth, Sex & Fallopian tubes & much, much more …

Featured Artists: Keitha Bassett, Dany Pen, Calix Smith, Alexandra Mosher, Chris Mahoney, Summer Wood, Davika Hill, Manuel Palacio, Ami Zanders, Milton Hill, Tricia Abbott Walters, Lisa Woodley.

B.ermudian A.rtists R.ise U.p – FB Group


  • Fetishes explored in new exhibition – Nov 18,2011 Royal Gazette
  • Tamaraxo’s photos from the show (Tamara was Alexandra Mosher’s  model & muse for the show) tmaraxo.com/2011/11/alexandra-mosher-fetish-art-show

Filmed and produced by Bermuda’s own Lara D. Smith (Founder/ Creative Director of LDS Multimedia: A Bermuda based video production company) specializing in documentary, commercial, corporate, animation, voice over (or any specially requested video production)


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