Stalwart Sound #Dubplates @SoundCloud

Stalwart Sound was a concept two brothers from Bermuda had for many years before it’s actual inception. Growing up in the island of Bermuda J-Groove and Jah-Son were exposed to the whole spectrum of reggae/sound system culture from an early age and began talking about one day getting in to the sound business themselves.

Early in 2001 both time and finances allowed just that and they began the building process acquiring both equipment and dubplates. From there they had a few local dates in Bermuda but their desire was to reach a more Global audience so they began the first live internet radio show from the tiny island of Bermuda.

That radio show introduced them to their current team member and close friend DJ FRIES who still plays alongside them locally and internationally to this day.

Stalwart has toured overseas in Canada, Germany and the United States and in December 2005 they won their first local sound clash (Lord Of The Ringz) to be shortly followed by an international victory in March 2006 (Checkmate) and their first overseas win in May 2007 (Philly Link Up).

The name “Stalwart” means as Luciano says “Strong and firm and always predominant” and that is the Stalwart motto and pledge. 

Stalwart Sound facebook | instagram

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