The Small Hours: A simple love story… Rebecca Faulkenberry @beccafaulken

Rebecca Faulkenberry has co-produced, with “Treehouse Productions,” a dreamy-eyed and romantic short clip starring two of her colleagues from Broadway’s spectacular “Spider-man: Turn off the Dark” musical  – Natalie Lomonte and Christopher Tierney.

Set on an empty NYC Subway line, the scene slips between a timeless, and nostalgic black & white scenario to a modern day, monotonous commute and a chance encounter that is vitalized by a young couple’s fantasies.

All to the tune of  Frank Sinatra‘s timeless voice “In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning.” 

Space and time, sliding doors

… the unfulfiled hope and dreams that breath life into our very souls.


Written and Directed By Rebecca Faulkenberry
Filmed By Sam Gooley 
Edited and Produced By Treehouse Productions

    Rebecca Faulkenberry Facebook Page | @beccafaulken

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