#Bermuda ‘s Alternative Energy – Sargasso Sea Algae Biodiesel

There are many ways to make biodiesel but one of the more interesting and worth exploring is how to make it using ordinary algae from the sea.

Bermuda’s Sargasso Sea marine algae could revolutionize the fuel of the future. Scientists are a step closer to uncovering the most productive algae in Bermuda to make Biodiesel.  

Dr.Michael Lomas, a researcher for the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, is trying to make it a viable reality and has made considerable progress towards the development of a program in alternative energy based on Algal Biodiesel.

This Bermuda Environmental Alliance Production with expertise from the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences proposing alternative energy sources has also been part of the “Daily Planet” segment on Discovery Channel Canada.” 

BIOS complete article: Research: Algal BioDiesel

  • bermuda-bea.org (BEA) Bermuda Environmental Alliance  
  • bios.edu (BIOS) Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences 

Bermuda Environmental Alliance

Other Articles of interest:

Greenrock Says: Protecting the sea that surrounds our Island 

Greenrock is working with other environmental groups as part of the Bermuda Alliance for the Sargasso Sea (BASS) with the goal of establishing part of the Sargasso Sea as the world’s first international marine reserve … 


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