Optiworlds 2011 Napier, New Zealand – Daily Reports

A team of five young sailors from the Bermuda Optimist Dinghy Association (BODA) traveled to Napier, New Zealand at the end of 2011 (Dec 30, 2011- Jan 10, 2012) to compete in the International Optimist Dinghy Association (IODA) Under 16 World Championship against another 210 sailors from around the world. 

The Bermuda team was made up of Rory Caslin (45th), Makai Joell (141st), Antonio Bailey (150th),Michael Barit (150th), and Ceci Wollmann (157th)


  • Rory is mentioned in the “Day 3 Report” (3:00 min) as “doing pretty well in the top ten” and in the “Day 7 Report” (2:43 mins) as he “had a great performance leading the race.”
  • The “Day 4 Report” gives extensive coverage of the Bermuda/GB Team Regatta starting at 1:17-2:00 mins. The Bermuda team is penalized for breaching the rules during a downwind stretch and lose the lead they had up to this point over the Brits, who end up winning the race in the last few meters. (Singapore wins the World Optimist Team Racing Title over Peru)

Final Results 2011 OptiWorlds New Zealand

1: Kimberly Lim, (SIN) 70 points
2: Bart Lambriex (NED) 74 points
3: Javier Arribas (PER) 77 points
4: Ryan Lo (SIN) 78 points
5: Francisco Ducasse (CHI) 87 points
6: Ahmad Syukri Abdul Aziz (MAS) 90 points
7: Wade Waddell (USA) 96 points
8: Gabriel Elstrodt (BRA) 109 points
9: Rodrigo Luz (BRA) 112 points
10: Leonard Takahashi-Fry (NZL) 114 points

Optiworlds 2011 Photo Gallery 


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