Humpback Whale Encounter – Female & Escort – March, 2011 #Bermuda

A female humpback is curious and keeps coming back to take a look at Andrew Stevenson but her escort is jealous and keeps cutting between the two of them. The male humpback can then be seen turning within the length of his body. He even does a bubble stream to curtain the female off. Half way through this display Andrew is back-peddling as fast as he can …

Andrew Stevenson is the producer of the remarkable film/documentary “Where the Whales Sing”; winner of the 2011 Charman Prize and ‘Best Emerging Underwater Filmmaker’ at the Blue Ocean Film Festival.

The film is a culmination of three years (2007-2010) of filming and observing North Atlantic humpback whales during their mid-ocean migratory crossings.

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