Teresa Perozzi vs Lorissa Rivas – The Fight in 60 seconds (Dec 30, 2011)

“In the main bout Teresa Perozzi, with the south pole stance, took the attack to Lorissa Ribas from the first round. Ribas weathered the slight storm and launched an effective counter attack. It was a battle of attrition as each fighter sought to gain the advantage. The action heated up in the eighth round and got a little rougher than usually as Ribas attempted to free herself up. In the following round Perozzi got the better of Ribas backing up the local (Trinidadian) fighter. The referee, as he had done on many occasions, stepped in to separate the fighters. In the ninth round both fighters showed signs of tiring though the contest went all the way down to the wire and it was up to the judges to decide the winner. The scorecards announced went 96-94 in favour of Ribas, 95-96 in favour of Perosi and the third judge scored the bout 94-97 in favour of Perozzi giving her victory by a split decision.”

CNC3 watch other bout clips from the Boxing Event.


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