TREAD READY (Zion & The White Boys) @DestaZion

Since forming in Summer 07; Zion and The White Boys have produced a Song-writing stack of tracks designed to take their audience on a journey. Desta Zion Wilson, front man, travelled from his home in Bermuda to the UK in the hope of taking his singer-songwriter talents to the next level. It was at collage in Guildford Surrey where he met three fellow students that had a similar Caribbean taste for musical aspiration. With Zions Reggae/Roots/Rnb style vocal and relaxed attitude he was destined for friendship and musical partnership with Greg Machon and Dave Pickavance, who were both already great friends and musicians together. After a few twists and turns with various drummers, the conclusion was met that nice guy and drummer Adam Millest would take the backbeat. Like the classic Two Tone mix sound of the late 70s, Zions Reggae/Soul/Roots writing was met with a mix of Ska/Rock/Hiphop from The White Boys to create a truly unforgettable fusion.

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