Historical Tour of #Bermuda


5 min – 1 Mar 2010

Join Julie Conover and Mark Jennings on a tour of Bermuda’s Colonial buildings and their stories

Stories of mysterious disappearances in “the triangle” and confusion over it’s location makeBermuda one of the most misunderstood islands on earth. Strategically located in the middle of the Atlantic, Bermuda played an important role in American history and early trading between the continents.  Towns like St. George’s and Hamilton bear the mark of the British colonies with pastel colored buildings and residents who speak ‘proper’ English!  Mark and Julie head out to sea for the Kings Cup Regatta, where Americas Cup captains face off in local Bermudian vessels and they discover the spectacular undersea world on a diving trip. At the Royal Dockyard, they get up close and personal with the residents at Dolphin Quest


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