#Bermuda Triangle Documentary (VHS 1998)

video unavailable

Bermuda triangle documentary recorded on VHS 1998. 

Part one focuses on the search for legendary Flight 19. 

Part 2 finishes up the rather quickly wrapped up search for Flight 19 and goes on to explore a few sunken ships. Featured Wreck: Speedboat. 

Part 3 focusing on discovering what it is exactly that causes so many sinkings. Featured wreak: Piper Airplane  

Part 4 finishes up the investigation of the Piper Aircraft and moves on to the next subject. The search for the sunken Charlie’s Crab.

Part 5 The Final part of the documentary. The Deep See has their Side-Scan equipment entangled on an old sunken fishing trawler. Whether they ever get it untangled they never say.. 



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