@ELevelz #YTplaylist

A Playlist By Nearfuturepro

xeecs-g-_400x400Born Allahkhan Fashala, April 15 1986 in Bermuda of Jamaican descent E-levelz was inspired to dee jay by the love for dancehall reggae music. At the age of 14 he owned his own sound system by the name of “infamous.” He went on to producing riddims on a small synthersizer. At the age of 18 he was introduced to Near Future Studios and Detrimental Donald by Ninja Cutty where he began his recording. He started out performing as a back up dancer for Ninja Cutty, where he obtained the name E-levelz (energy levelz) before branching of as an artist/dancer. E-levelz continue’s to record with Detrimental Donald at Near Future Studios, He is a leading member of the A-Team a group consisting of artists like Ninja Cutty, Splinter Demus, Cash Melody,Genius,and Wonnie British. source: myspace.com/Elevelz

 E-Levelz & Near Future Records  




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